Our Training Programs

Syllabus for Success

The signature training programs provided by USA Parking University are the way we differentiate ourselves from other parking management companies.  Beginning in 1980, we have developed our standard operating procedures and all our training initiatives based on an uncompromising level of quality and service. Our extensive On-The-Job Training Checklist (OJT) is the backbone of our method of on-boarding new associates. This initial forty (40) hours of training is our foundation and communicates our expectations of our newest team members from the very beginning of their journey. The first step of the journey is to attend New Hire Orientation (NHO) which includes lessons in our company’s history, a study of our associate handbook, a deep dive into aggressive hospitality concepts, customer service recovery and loss prevention training. The OJT and the NHO supports our pledge to our associates:


At USA Parking, we are committed to providing a level of service that is nothing short of perfect. We are focused on consistently executing prompt, swift, precise service, delivered with the utmost professionalism, caring, and courtesy.
Everything we do is centered on achieving our goals of Aggressive Hospitality and Operational Excellence.


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