USA Parking University

Management Institute (MIT)

The Management Institute (MIT) is a 12-week mentored course that is constantly in session.  Our goal is to graduate sixty (60) managers per year to ensure our ability to produce quality leadership to lead our teams in the field.  

The course provides a unique opportunity for highly talented and motivated individuals. During the program, participants will take on assignments in functional areas such as Parking Operations, Valet Parking Software, Client Relationships and Loss Prevention; while receiving maximum exposure to the company’s core businesses, technologies and leaders. The MIT Program is a premier opportunity not only to prepare for a rewarding and challenging career, but also to make significant contribution to the organization.


  • Deep Dive Into Company Culture
  • Recruiting and Selecting Your Team
  • Importance of On-Boarding Your New Hire
  • Forecasting, Scheduling, Function Handling
  • Payroll and Kronos Training
  • Company Expectations of You
  • Loss Prevention and Claims Handling
  • Revenue Control and Reporting
  • AAA Five Diamond Standards; GSS Scores, Brand Site Audits


  • Well qualified outside candidates
  • Internal promotions



By the end of this session you will understand:

  • The purpose of each of our roles
  • What is expected of you leaders
  • Corporate administrative requirements
  • More ready for a leadership role
  • Aware of USA Parking policies

Duration Options

  • Twelve (12) Weeks
  • Facilitated 3-hour weekly sessions
  • Continuous daily mentorship
  • Project presentation
  • Graduation


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