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Supervisor Training Program (STP)

The Supervisor Training Program (STP) is designed to enhance the skillset of our current hourly supervisory employees in order to better prepare them for a possible higher leadership role or responsibility in the future.

 Supervisor Workshops

Consists of ten (10) sessions that are facilitated once a week for 2-3 hours.

This course provides a unique opportunity for talented and motivated individuals who have been recommended by their managers for development. During the program, participants will attend ten (10) sessions covering a wide range of topics meant to better prepare them for a higher leadership role in our organization.


  • Company Culture
  • Leadership and Motivation Workshop
  • HR Basics for Supervisors
  • Importance of On-boarding Team Memebers
  • Loss Prevention Basics for Supervisors
  • Your Relationship with the Client
  • “How to Handle a Function”
  • “How to Handle an Upset Guest”


  • Current supervisors
  • Recently promoted supervisors


By the end of this sessions you will understand:

  • What is expected of a leader
  • How to continually sharpen leadership skills
  • USA Parking policies and procedures
  • The role and responsibilities of a supervisor

Duration Options

  • Ten (10) Weeks
  • Facilitated 2-3 hour weekly sessions
  • Continuous daily mentorship
  • Gradutation


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