15 Items You Need to Know Every Day About Your Parking Operation

Top Financial and Operational Metrics


  • Visitor Revenue
  • Overnight Revenue
  • Adjustments
  • Adjustments %
  • Discounts / Packages
  • Master Account Revenue
  • Total Revenue
  • Comp Tickets Amount
  • Parking Labor Cost
  • Labor % to Revenue
  • Overtime Expenses
  • Revenue Per Available Space
  • Revenue Per Available Room
  • Revenue Per Occupied Room
  • Revenue Per Car


  • Cars Parked
  • Cars Retrieved
  • Guest Cars
  • Visitor Cars
  • Event Cars
  • Available Rooms
  • Occupied Rooms
  • Retrieval Time
  • Drive In Ratio
  • Overnight Not Posted
  • Employees on Duty (24 hours)
  • Average Visitor Stay
  • Average Guest Stay
  • Average Event Stay
  • Guest Scores


At USA Parking, we are committed to exceeding luxury, personalized service, and leaving a lasting impression with each and every guest. We are focused on consistently executing prompt, swift, precise service, delivered with the utmost professionalism, caring, and courtesy.
Everything we do is centered on achieving our goals of Aggressive Hospitality and Operational Excellence.


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